Yoga for Awesome Beginners

2 hours Workshop

When: Sat 11/09, 2pm-4pm

Where: 1 Manning St, South Gladstone, (InteGreat QLD)

How Much: $40

You’ve heard about yoga so many times. You’ve heard about all the benefits, about how good it is for the body and for the mind. You know people who practice it and they talk about how good they feel. You know yoga has been around for centuries. And finally you got to a point where maybe it is time to give it a go. And here is a great opportunity in front of you:  A two hours yoga workshop for absolute beginners, maybe like you.

Come and give it a go! This course is designed for you.

You’ll feel great afterwards, and you’ll have a new story to share with your friends.

We will cover:

  • fundamental breathing practice, and why
  • warm up
  • basic asanas/yoga poses practice and theory: standing, sitting, supine, prone poses, to stretch in all different directions, and strengthen muscles as much.
  • Relaxation Practice. And the diference between relaxation and meditation.

Props available for anyone in need of them.

About me:

I am a senior yoga teacher. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2008. I have taught numerous workshops and courses. And I’ll forever be a yoga student, which is exciting and challenging.

I enjoy meeting new people and share a meaningful time together.

Limited places – Only $40 pp. Secure your special spot now!

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