Refocus Realign Renew

The resonance of Earth element in us

We are shifting from the heat and hot Summer, when we are often very active. We are doing more, we got longer days in the Summer time, we are up earlier and off to bed later, so we have very eventful long days. We are transitioning into a new season. This is the time when the leaves start to fall down of the trees and is that idea of the things going back to the source. Things are going back through us into the world. So this is a moment of reorientation and truth. This is also a time when we try to get things done because we know winter is ahead so we have that urgency, when there is that real drive to get things done, at this phase all the “big and shiny” 2019 intentions have been set and we are now being driven into the darker or more internal, reflective season when we need to be very authentic with ourselves in order to manifest and have a doable action plan to keep kicking these goals. There is often a call to reorient things to a more authentic principle. So is the idea of walking your talk or living within your truth and there is often a lot of adjustments that we have to do especially if we have gotten off our path. So choosing to honor the path or priorities that are right for you, even if they are a little bit unconventional or unorthodox or even if they are just different from what you’ve done in the past.

We are hosting this nourishing self care session to gather, connect, create and stay align with our more authentic goals and empowering choices.

We are going to practice a fluid Yoga sequence to connect with our inner selves, to honour our commitments, why we choose what we choose….

We are going to do an uplifting and creative visualization to reconnect with our potential and unfold our authentic journey. We will pour our subtle experiences in Art form so we can go deeper and get even more insights. Get ready for a very juicy morning!

We will create an intuitive Mandala! Please don’t think you have to be an artist to allow yourself to be creative. A Mandala is a circular design that evokes wholeness, integration and invites us to journey within to bring clarity and radiance to the outside.

We will enjoy a delicious and healthy morning tea.

This event is hosted by Gabriela Beatson from Gladstone Yoga and Carolina Bocos from Wise Earth Wellbeing. For more details about Carolina’s approach and Mandala Art, check that link. (

No prior experience or art skills are necessary. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle.


 ·      A friendly, inclusive and non judgemental environment

·       A grounding, truthful and centering yoga practice

·       Evocative Music

·       Guidance to express your experience into a Mandala

·       Good quality art materials / Take your Mandala home

·       Learn a specific Mandala technique

·       Mandala interpretation

·       Astrological insights for the New Season.

·       Connection to nature.

·       Healthy refreshments

Limited numbers to assure and intimate and respectful space


is a Certified Astrologer Counsellor and Mandala artist, the founder of Wise Earth Wellbeing, a Gladstone-based Holistic therapeutic practice. She has 7 years experience incorporating Astrology and Mandala Art. She also offers Creative workshops locally and regionally.
Through her Mandala workshops, she invites people to experience and express the light and beauty inherent in themselves and to unfold their richest potential.

“I’m passionate about providing assistance in pulling all the complex and sometimes contradictory parts of the self together, acknowledge them and welcome them home. When we embrace who we are we can access a richer, connected, fulfilling, authentic existence.”


Sunday 3rd of March, from 8:30am to 11am

Address: to be communicated upon full payment


Fee $50. Early Bird $43 until Friday 22nd of February

Terms and Conditions

Placement of courses can only be confirmed upon full payment.

No refund will be given to non attendance. Less than 48 hrs notice of cancellation a refund of 50% of the course fee will be issued

For written cancellations of more than 48 hrs notice a full refund of the course fee will be issued.

Refocus. Realign. Renew.