Yoga Q&A: why sequencing is important

Yoga Q&A:  why sequencing is important

There are a lot of variables that come to play when sequencing a yoga practise. Whilst a personal practise has no rules, and you can basically do whatever feels right in your body at the moment, teaching a private lesson or a group lesson is more complex.

But for today let’s focus on personal practice. I get a lot of students who tell me they want to practise at home but don’t know what to do. Firstly, attend regular yoga classes to gather ideas and try poses under guidance of a certified teacher. At home, our bodies feel different every day so we want to recognize that. Ask yourself:  what parts of my body feel tired today? What parts of my body need a stretch today? What parts of my body I want to strengthen and what is my goal yoga wise?

Answering those questions will help you focus. After a yoga practise, one should always feel lighter and more balanced.

Keep in mind the time of the day and how long you have to practise. In the morning muscles and joints are “colder” so you may not achieve the same depth in the poses as you may in the evening.

Gradually build from more simple poses to more complex or deeper poses. Start with some warm up, then some sun salutations if you normally do them, and gradually add strength poses that would warm up the bigger muscles. As you feel the body more warmed up, start adding deeper spinal movements.

Make sure to counter pose accordingly, be present and breathe. Treat your body lovingly.