I love offering people exactly what they want and need each time we meet. And the best way to do that is working one on one.

On a private lesson we customize the practice to you.

Who may want a private lesson?

  • Prenatal mums
  • Postnatal mums who have bub with them
  • Students with specific therapeutic needs
  • Students who may feel overwhelmed in a group class and prefer the privacy of their homes
  • Advanced students who want to improve their practice
  • Couples who want to share a yoga practice
  • Students who want to improve their understanding of yoga
  • Busy people who can’t make it to group classes and need a class even at their office
  • Foundations for people with mental disabilities who would like to offer something different
  • Child Care Centers who offer Kids Yoga

How does it work?

Contact me and tell me what you want.

We organize a day, time and location for a first practice together and we go from there.

Classes are one hour long and usually on the same day and time.

I look forward to connecting with you!