Address: Gladstone Inclusion Centre on 21 Off St, Gladstone Central

Classes run like school term. No classes during school holidays.

GENERAL – Wednesdays 6pm

General Class is an All Levels class, so you will find students at different stages of their yoga practice. I like to cater for everyone in class so always give different variations to either soften a pose or take it deeper.  This class is for those who like a bit of work on their yoga practice. We usually do half a class of dynamic sequencing and half of hatha.

You can expect starting with some seated limbering exercises, then some dynamic sequence to warm up the body, then poses in supine and prone position, then seated poses to finish, then relaxation. Sometimes breathing exercises and meditation. Always providing variations to suit your personal needs, encouraging listening to your own body, finding your balance, increasing strength, flexibility, and calmness.

GENTLE – Saturdays 7:45am

Gentle Yoga is a soft pace practice suitable for prenatal, postnatal, seniors, injured, beginners.

The sequencing of poses and the slow pace makes it achievable to follow the class.

The teacher customizes the class to the students present at the time of the practice taking into consideration their current needs.

General Wednesdays 6pm


Yoga is absolutely non-competitive.  Please rest when you need to, do what feels right for your body.  Honestly assess your ability in each moment.  Injuries can occur if we don’t listen to our bodies.  Whenever in life we begin Yoga is perfect.  No experience or flexibility is required to begin Yoga, this will naturally come from the practice.

Always check that your mobile phone is turned off when arriving to class. Ideally arriving 10 mins to the class commencement so you have time to settle and ready yourself for the class ahead.

Upon entering the studio, please respect that others may be already relaxing, meditating or warming up.  Have the intent that your practice starts at the door.  If you do arrive late, please enter the room as quietly as possible.

Please do not wear strong perfume/aftershave to Yoga classes.  This can be uncomfortable to fellow students when practising deep breathing.

Practise on an empty stomach.  Everyone’s digestion is different but generally it is recommended that you do not eat a large protein or heavy meal prior to practicing yoga. Light snacks like fruit, smoothies, juices can be ok at least 30 min prior to the start of class.

Equipment: The teacher has Yoga equipment for students to use.  For hygiene purposes it is recommended for you to obtain your own Yoga equipment (yoga mat, etc.)


Casual $18

4 classes $60 (valid 2 months)

8 classes $100 (valid 4 months)

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Also offering Private classes

One on One session for one hour. Please contact for more information or more than one person.


Gladstone Inclusion Centre on 21 Off St., Gladstone

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